Hello Beautiful (@yourfaithfulcompanion)




“He has a machine that travels through time and space. I can’t imagine how I could help, but I’ll try. I’ll do anything you ask.” she added eagerly. 

She gave him a small smile and rocked onto her toes, kissing him quickly. “I’ll never leave your side.” she assured him. 

“That’s my girl,” he said, kissing her forehead. “I knew you’d help me… you’re so good about doing what needs to be done…”

He trailed off, momentarily lost in thought. It wasn’t until his gaze lazily wandered back over to the kitchen area when he remembered that he was supposed to be cooking.

“Good thing I didn’t turn the stove on… that could have been messy,” he laughed, walking back over to the kitchen area.

She smiled and stepped back so he could go back to what he was doing, feeling surprisingly more relaxed. Not knowing what he really wanted was far more unsettling than knowing that he just wanted to torture the Doctor to death. “Burnt food would have been a small price to pay.” she gingerly touched her lips.  

"Ah, but I would have ruined your lovely kitchen! And besides, there’s always time for… extra-curricular activities, and that’s usually best saved for outside of the kitchen, wouldn’t you agree?" he said with a wink.

It didn’t take long for him to finish; a chicken and pasta dish with basil and tomato sauce. He laid it out on a plate for Lucy and set it down in front of her, then poured a glass of red wine to go with it.

"There you go! Eat up… if it sucks, just try to get to a sink or trashcan before it comes back up. I’ll get to cleaning," he said, turning his attention to the messy utensils.

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