Never in his life did The Master think he would have to spend his evening picking up a child’s toys. He shook his head, bending down to grab a stuffed bear, buried under a collapsed Lego castle. Tiana was growing, and fast. Already she was crawling and awkwardly toddling her way around the entire flat, and making a chaotic mess of everything she touched.

'Just like her father,' he thought, smirking slightly. He couldn’t help but to be proud of her.

Bending down again, he saw a small doll, sticking out halfway from underneath the couch. It couldn’t have been bigger than an inch or two tall. He frowned. Hadn’t Lucy told him something about small toys and choking hazards? Reaching out, The Master pulled the doll out from under the couch, with every intention of throwing it away.

And then the doll began to scream.

dear cas